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Farberware Rotisserie Toaster Oven #1 Farberware

Photo 1 of 9Farberware Rotisserie Toaster Oven  #1 Farberware

Farberware Rotisserie Toaster Oven #1 Farberware

Hi guys, this photo is about Farberware Rotisserie Toaster Oven #1 Farberware. It is a image/jpeg and the resolution of this attachment is 830 x 830. It's file size is just 38 KB. If You decided to save This attachment to Your computer, you should Click here. You might also download more pictures by clicking the picture below or read more at this article: Farberware Rotisserie Toaster Oven.

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ro•tis•ser•ie (rō tisə rē),USA pronunciation n., v.,  -ied, -i•ing. 
  1. a small broiler with a motor-driven spit, for barbecuing fowl, beef, etc.

  1. to broil on a rotisserie.


toast•er1  (tōstər),USA pronunciation n. 
  1. an instrument or appliance for toasting bread, muffins, etc.
  2. a person who toasts something.


ov•en (uvən),USA pronunciation n. 
  1. a chamber or compartment, as in a stove, for baking, roasting, heating, drying, etc.
oven•like′, adj. 

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